The College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI), allotted the last couple of weeks for both hall clearance and audit process. The past days have been full of Brownites beaming with smiles as old friends got to reconnect and share jokes after a year of being apart. The frowns and distresses written on the faces of some Brownites did not go unnoticed as some paced the hall looking for a course form or another required document for the college audit while having to sort out issues relating to hostel accommodation. Some Brownites took out time to speak with the ABH press and share how their weeks of audits and paperwork have been progressing.

ABH PRESS caught up with Fiyin Atinmo, a 400L student of Dentistry. “Tiring, stressful, and annoying” were the three adjectives he selected to describe his week, which was split between the College audit and the rigours of clinical rotation. While thanking God for finishing in record time, he explained that a fraction of the audit process could have been done electronically by uploading required documents on a portal. “The least stressful process was filling the forms. Every other thing after was annoying and tiring, spending so much on paper, haba! But it’s cool. Just that there’s no guarantee we won’t do this again in a year or two,” he said.

In sharp contrast, an interviewee who requested to be addressed as Don Bayou mentioned that he found the audit process smooth. “I submitted my documents on Monday afternoon, and by Tuesday noon, I had my clearance slip”, he explained.

Jennifer Joseph, a 600L medical student, highlighted how stressful the entire process of returning to Alexander Brown Hall has been. “Moving in has been crazy – from cleaning the room to washing rugs and setting it. Also, the price of everything has gone up since I got back, including something as basic as sachet water and especially Prestige, tasty but now for the rich”.

Joshua Ibiyinka, a fifth-year student of BMLS, mentioned how he had to grapple with the audit process while having to focus on the preparation of the two tests he wrote in the same week.

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