ABH Ventures gets a new face and a second chance at life.


The public holidays had already begun to draw its curtains when ABH ventures decided to open its new door of hope to the public. Following frequent complaints of a poorly stacked store, the ABH executive council did not delay a whole year before responding with appropriate actions. Customers who regularly patronize ABH ventures will definitely be having a hard time coming to terms with the recent transformation that the store had undergone.

Brownites who visited the store to either get a first-hand witness of its resurrection or to purchase goods had comments to air. ABH Press Organization was present at the store to listen to opinions, suggestions, and thoughts of fellow Brownites. Innocent Dike, a 400L medical student who was pleased with the development suggested that fair prices and reasonable discounts on some products will assist in attracting more Brownites to the store. While commending the hall executives for a job well done, Nwaduru Chinedu was quoted as saying; “I also hope that they’ve found a lasting solution to the seemingly recurrent epileptic state of the ventures in time past”.

In a telephone conversation with the Ayodele Odedara, the financial minister of Alexander Brown Hall, he implied that The Transcending Limit team was passionate about the state of the ABH ventures. While expressing gratitude to the Brownites who invested financially in the ABH ventures, he remarked that more work is still to be done. “We are also planning to get a barcode scanner to enhance the quality of service we will be delivering”; He said.

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