The Health and Sanitation Ministry of the Alexander Brown Hall had her first Tank Washing Exercise for the tenure on Saturday, 12th November, 2022.

The exercise, which had in attendance volunteers from Hamstrings Club, Rotaract Club, Red Cross, Junior Chamber International Nigeria, UCH, and those who did not belong to any of the listed organizations, began around 7:30am. The Health and Sanitation Minister addressed the volunteers and distributed the tasks. There were only about 20 volunteers at the time, and they set to work hoping to have others join them as they went on.

Indeed, more people joined the exercise over time, fetching water, getting into the tanks to wash them, and washing the outside of the tanks. In the end, 12 tanks and 7 drums were washed. These included the large tanks behind E Block, the 2 services tanks, the cafeterias’ tanks and drums, and the tanks donated by the Hamstrings Club behind Famewo Common Room.

The tanks that were not washed include the tanks that supply the female Blocks at the top of the blocks, and the 6 tanks behind A block. Speaking on this, the Health and Sanitation Minister had this to say, “We needed more guys available to enter the big tanks, but we didn’t have them. Also, people came quite late so it made organising quite difficult. We eventually had enough people to wash more tanks but they were scattered around as they didn’t meet us at the convergence point before we began. However, the tanks that were not washed are not in use at the moment as the pump is faulty and needs to be replaced. Hopefully we would be able to wash them next time.”

The Tank Washing Exercise came to a close at around 10am, as the volunteers were given packs of food and drinks before they dispersed.

The Health and Sanitation Minister says that Brownites can look forward to another Tank Washing Exercise for the service tanks in January and another one for all the tanks by March, tentatively. We hope that Brownites will again come out in their numbers to contribute to the cleanliness of the tanks.

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