ABH, UCH- In the late hours of Thursday, August 16, residents of the Alexander Brown Hall were greeted with the seemingly joyous news of the availability of the long overdue package from the ABH-X tenure led by former Hall Chairman. Required to come along with a copy of the hall due receipts, enthusiastic brownites gallantly marched up the First Floor of G block, to behold a shocking surprise, a horror of the sort! A book?


Not just any book, but rather a book wrapped in a rug-like material with threads from the book hanging recklessly was the package to be received. Of course, one does not judge a book by its cover, but for the very first time, that was totally out of place; as the horror met outside was parallel within.

Recall that a few months back, the tenure under the sponsorship of Professor Ashaye brought waste bins to the floor of the hall, which was applauded alongside a memorable hall week and projects; but this, the book is definitely an apple that fell far from the tree.

Aside the lacklustre colour of the material that bleeds the eye, marred by the texture that almost feels like material cut from the surface of a rug, the prints and the picture within could not have witnessed anymore reckless abandon than its present condition, totally marring a well written speech by the previous Hall chairman. What happened to simple hard cover, or leather or even a velvet cover? And the leaves of the book with the picture at the back of the book, that was supposed to give some colour to the book, failed tremendously. Perhaps, if the book had been accompanied by a key-holder or a pen or something to take the mind of the book; it may have appeared a bit tolerable.


However, the administration has indeed left a good track record from start to finish, and perhaps, Brownites may be willing to overlook this tiny flaw in a seemingly perfect administration, and one can only hope that such a nightmare never visits the hall again. Indeed, mistakes are not above anyone or any tenure.


With the package as a final gift to Brownites, we finally bid the ABH-X farewell and success in their endeavour with a review of 8 out of 10.

What do you think of the package?? A yay or nay? Kindly drop your comments below

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