ABH league: This will be the greatest league in history, Paul Edet boasts


This weekend will witness the return of ABH league after a break that has lasted over 3 months. While household names like Pepperdem FC, Avalanche FC, Stampede United, and the defending champion, Wolves FC will feature this season, they will be joined by Lion FC, Marlians FC and Blazers FC bringing the total number of participating clubs to 7.

In the 2019/2020 football season scheduled to run for 14 game weekends, these 7 teams will battle for what is rumoured to be the largest football prize in the league’s history. A new league style which involves 3 matches every weekend, a mid-season cup, and in-match videoing with live commentary will be adopted for this season. Mr Michael Akande, the new Football Association (FA) chairman is saddled with the duty of overseeing the league.
In a quick interview with the highest goal scorer of the 2018-2019 season, Paul Edet, he said that the feeling of the return of ABH league is simply electrifying. “I am ‘EP7’ and that is synonymous with superb goal scoring, crazy skills and dribbles, and most importantly trophies”, was his reply when he was asked what the fans should be expecting from him this season.

While excitement among the ABH football community has continued to gather momentum, the hall sport minister, Paul Edet, has continued to boast that this will by far be the greatest ABH league ever.
The schedule for the league roughly remains unchanged. 3 weekend matches will be played at 8am, 9am, and 10am with one team observing a break each week. The rumoured ABH cup is expected to begin mid-season and will be played by the 7 teams as well.

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