ABH League 2019: ‘We are born ready’ -Marlians FC Manager, others boast


The much anticipated Alexander Brown Hall (ABH) league begins today with an opening match between Pepperdm FC and Wolves FC at 7am on ABH pitch. The league has generated a lot of excitement this season with each club training intensely and working assiduously to secure the best players to win the prestigious tournament.
The league is an annual football competition in ABH which runs for several weeks among registered clubs in ABH. There are seven clubs competing this year, one lesser than last season’s eight clubs. The season will run for 14 game weekends while the midseason FA cup will be played for three weeks.
The manager of each club was asked about 1) their level of preparation for the league, 2) why they think their own club can win the league and 3) what Brownites should expect from the club. Here are there responses in no particular order.

Marlians FC
Manager – Eric Asoh

1) We are born ready.
2) We’ve trained and worked hard. There’s no shortcut to success except hardwork. We hope for a wonderful competition.
3)Expect pure entertainment

Blazers FC
Manager – Silas Okafor

1. As you would know, Blazers won the league 2 years ago. But unfortunately, we couldn’t play in the league last season. So this season, we have come with 1 aim; to win the league again. And this, we hope to achieve with team work and dedication. The players are ready to go for it and so am I. We’ll give it all our best.
2. We have a good crop of players, and a good team spirit, the desire and the dedication. With these I am very positive we’ll win the league.
3. They should expect entertaining football, goals, and a team with passion. With these, we hope to win the league and the Cup.

Lions FC
Manager – Quyyum

1. “Oh, I am definitely positive about our chances. The potential black horse of the competition. We have what it takes and our preparation is almost complete.
2. Talent and teamwork. We have the players, we have the team, we can do it.
3. Oh, beautiful football. we want to entertain and win. We will make them come again and again and again”.

Wolves FC
Manager – Bukunmi Ojelowo

1. “The league is quite sudden to me, I would have wanted it to start nextweek as I haven’t even filled up my team yet. However, we’re wolves and we’re always ready to win the league.
2. The league is always open to every team and with the quality of players we have in the league this year, you can’t really predict the winner.
3. Quality football because I’m always about quality”.

Pepperdem FC
Manager – Temilade Adeniyi

1. “Very well prepared. In our preparation, there were many stumbling blocks along the way, but we found solutions to most of them.
2. First, We have one of the best benches in the league. To win a game, you need a good starting 5, but to win the league, your entire team must be good. That is why I deeply respect and love all my players who all remained with me this season, despite multiple offers from others. Because of this, we have immense team chemistry and more experience. So we will definitely challenge for the title, which would be a lot tougher to win this season because of the quality of players in the league this year”.
3. Quality, brilliant attacking, but pragmatic football. They will surely be entertained.

Avalanche FC
Manager – Toba Oyebamiji

1. Avalanche is quite prepared for the league. As we know, it is a BMLS based team, but we’ve done well to bring in new signings who can compete. We also played a friendly of which we defeated stampede FC 4:1. So, I can well say, we’re ready!
2. Well last year, by midseason, we were 2nd in the league, but fatigue and some other issues set in, which made us drop eventually. We have learnt from our mistakes, and we’re ready to challenge. Though we may not have well known ‘stars’, we have a team that can take on the ‘stars’ and come out on top.
3. Brownites should be expecting good and entertaining football throughout the season. And yes, we’re not here to complete numbers, but to challenge for the trophy. Forca Avalanche!

Stampede FC
Manager – Sheriff Adeyemo

1. We are very prepared to do whatever it takes to win the league this time around.
2.We have the right blend of non brownites to complement our brilliant brownites.
3.Its going to be a stampede.

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