Following a seemingly endless waiting period, the electoral process for the 2022 Alexander Brown Hall elections is slowly coming to an end with the election day just within reach. The Press Night remains a fundamental part of our electoral process- a time when Pressmen and women of the Hall can ask important questions from aspirants as regards their positions and plans. The Alexander Brown Hall Press Night held on 14th of May, 2022 and it was not without it’s interesting moments.

While aspirants mostly composed themselves, the composure of the aspirant for the position of the Defense Minister left a lot to be desired. We only hope that the Manifesto night will be faced with a lot more solemnity. The Chairpersons’ debate also saw aspirants for the position of Hall Chairperson answer questions on pressing issues in the Hall.

Attached below is the final Press Night result.

Press Night Result

Despite how long the electoral period has dragged on for, Brownites showed up, staying till the very end. It showed how dogged we could be, even in the face of adversaries and we expect a bigger turn-out at the Manifesto Night. May the best persons win.

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