ABH Cafeteria Likely to be Commissioned on Wednesday


The Alexander Brown Hall Cafeteria is to be commissioned on Wednesday, July 14, 2019, nine weeks after it was closed down for renovations.
The renovations, which began on June 11, 2019, moved Prestige Cafeteria to the Quadrangle and T&K Canteen (Fanawole) to the Indoor Games Area, driving out the chesslords, table tennis lovers and snooker goons out of their Mecca. Other affected businesses included Spicy Bites Fast Food Spot, The Print Place, Bimbus Cakes, Al-Falal Ventures and Tesco Ventures.

Moreover, organizations in ABH that have their notice boards in the Cafeteria area have had such boards removed.
Although the renovations have apparently been completed for about two weeks now, the Cafeteria still remains under lock and key, pending its commissioning.

The Hall Chairman, Mr. Folajomi Isa, explained to ABH Press that the major thing delaying the commissioning of the Cafeteria was the unavailability that the Provost of the College of Medicine who had been away for a while. With the Provost now available, the Hall Chairman has hinted that the commissioning is likely to take place on Wednesday.

Mr. Isa said “According to Dr. Oluwasola, the assistant Hall Warden, the Provost has agreed to commission it tomorrow (Wednesday). However, we are not certain, because anything can come up tomorrow and it will have to be postponed further until he (the Provost) is available. But tentatively, it will be commissioned on Wednesday.”

  1. Blessing says

    July 14 or August 14

  2. Saheed says

    It is “Al-falah” not “Al-falal”. Well-done

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