On Saturday 12th October, 2019, Brownites came out beautifully adorned in pink outfits for the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk organized by the Female Affairs Ministry of the hall. The walk, decorated with pink balloons and colourful posters and accompanied with good music was to Oje area of Ibadan.

The program kicked off with some music and then a talk from the representative of the Surgical Oncology Unit of the University College Hospital, Dr Odejobi. The talk enlightened Brownites not only of the high incident and mortality associated with breast cancer in this part of the world, it also pointed out that the cancer is curable with early detection as the corner stone. He went further to qualify the walk in itself as a noble act on the part of Brownites reaching out to their community to spread the truth about breast cancer.

Undaunted by the heavy but short downpour, Brownites set off at about 10am umbrellas in hand, determined to share with their community. Brownites, armed with the gospel of monthly self breast examination and appropriate screening methods for breast cancer, reached out to the community members, educating them and debunking myths associated with the disease.
The pink army returned to the hall at about 12 noon.

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