This likely seems like a drastic change from last week’s serial killer documentary review but it is that time of the year again and even I am not immune to the charms of a good Christmas movie. Starring Ryan Reynolds, a personal favourite actor of mine, Spirited tells the story of Clint, a man described as unredeemable by the organization of Ghosts of Christmas. In this movie, Clint played by Reynolds is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet-To-Be, in hopes of redeeming Clint of his cynical ways and as expected, he is not the least pleased by the intervention.

One unique thing about this movie is how Clint doggedly sticks to his choices, frustrating Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Be, seducing Ghost of Christmas Past and somehow flipping the focus of the intervention from himself to Ghost of Christmas Present, all the while bursting into the occasional choreographed number.

Nothing says Christmas quite like a musical starring a handsome cynic who ends up turning a new leaf. Or at least, as close to a new leaf as he can manage. It is the season of holiday movies and it is Ryan Reynolds. That alone is reason enough to watch this movie. Although I did not love the end, this movie is simply trying to remind us in the spirit of Christmas to:

Well that and it leaves us with the hope that someday, perhaps we will have more than just Christmas movies.

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