The third ordinary meeting of the Alexander Brown Hall Assembly commenced at exactly 8:37pm with 27 honorables in attendance.

The house clerk took the roll call and read the minutes of the last meeting.
The inventory chairman thereafter presented the inventory report on offices of the executive council. The house re-emphasized that Hall properties in the care of executive members should be properly documented and accounted for and should be handed over before the account of stewardship of the outgoing executives.
The Hall Chairman was then called on to give the report on the state of the Hall. He lamented about the issues the Hall has been facing with power supply and water and mentioned that there has been a lot of meetings with the SUG on the way forward.
He also stated that the Hall executives plan to procure a generator for the Hall through an alumnus which would be able to pump water to A block.
He also made comments on activities that have been ongoing in the Hall which included the ABH female football league that was a huge success, the upcoming freshers’ week and the breast cancer awareness walk scheduled for this Saturday.
Some Honorables complained of power supply not getting to some floors and why there was delay in pumping water to the blocks in the mornings. The Hall Chairman responded that water would now be pumped in the evenings and also in the mornings. He went on to mention that a fumigation exercise would be carried out in the Hall towards the end of the year where brownites would be asked to vacate the Hall for a period of time.
The Health and Sanitation Minister thereafter was called on to give the update on the waste bins and he stated that the major hinderance was procurement of disposable nylons as there were no funds. He went on to suggest that Honorables speak to floor members to raise funds for the disposable nylons which was objected by a number of Honorables because they thought that it was not a sustainable idea.
The house however concluded after much deliberations that the opinions of brownites on contributing for the disposable nylons be sought and an update given at the next sitting.
The Hall Chairman was called on once again to give a report on the subsidiary budget which he stated was not ready at the time of the meeting. The house concluded that a violation has been made since the notice of the sitting had been sent out days before.
The involved executive members were asked to write a letter of apology to be sent to all brownites groups and pasted on all notice boards with 48 hours.
The meeting came to an end at 1:25 am.

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