The Movie Breaded Life


If Breaded Life does not ring a bell, this is a call to come out of your hole and behold the light. Social media especially Twitter was raving about the Nollywood movie Breaded Life some days ago. You would wonder why, especially when you Google it like I did, and find that it was released over a year ago.

Breaded Life is a 2 hour Nollywood movie initially released on the 16th of April, 2021 at the cinemas but only recently released for streaming on Netflix, this year on the 10th of June. The movie casts Timini Egbuson, Bimbo Ademoye, Tina Mba, MC Lively, Bisola Aiyeola, Bolanle Ninalowo, Adedimeji Lateef and many others. It was written and directed by Biodun Stephen.

In the movie, Timini Egbuson plays the role of Sunmi, a rich and entitled 25year old. He has an altercation with his mother (Tina Mba) and finds himself being bundled to the police station the next day on account of trespassing and attempting to steal, right in his own family house. This is strange because none of his family and even friends recognize him anymore. He becomes some random guy nobody knows. He is eventually released after multiple pleas and thrust into the streets, left to fend for himself. This is where he meets Todowede (Bimbo Ademoye), a bread seller who turns out to be the only person that recognizes him. From there, his life takes very interesting turns intertwined with the character Todowede.

Sunmi and Todowede

At this point, I must state categorically that Bimbo Ademoye has my heart. Her acting was impeccable. To be fair, all the actors brought in their A game to this movie. I love that Timini did not act his regular obnoxious roles, charming his way through the movie. He did something different, and boy did he do a fantastic job. I could feel Tina Mba’s pain and wrath as she tried to reason with a petulant and unrepentant Sunmi (Timini Egbuson). I cackled with laughter at Todowede’s (Bimbo Ademoye) theatrics and sarcastic comments and I was drawn by Sunmi’s naivety as he trudged along the trenches in a bid to survive.

The movie has a story line that is easy to follow, relatable, and flows seamlessly. Once you begin watching you are captivated till the very end. The dialogue, setting, costumes all worked in selling us a convincing story, overall. Though, I could not help but notice that Timini Egbuson did not pass as a 25 year old man (a 30 year old maybe?).

Breaded Life rekindled my hope in Nollywood, in addition to other movies that have been dished out lately (cue Blood Sisters). This is coming after years of enduring clichéd story telling and acting and flat out substandard movie productions. For me, It re-echoes the message of possibility; that we do not have to sell mediocrity, year in year out; that it is actually possible to be wondrously brilliant at our own enterprises.


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