– Hillary Alemenzohu, ABH Press

“Parabellum” is the subtitle of the third installment of the buzzing action-thriller John Wick. The film stars Keanu Reeves as the titular character who literally murders the role (pun intended). The film series has been markedly successful and well received, in a rather fortuitous turn of events, I mean the plot of the entire movie is tied to the death of a dog (I can feel the Nigerian in you seething too) but notwithstanding John wick is an absolute delight and the latest movie reiterates the point that a well-drawn out fore play would inevitably yield a torrential climax (excuse my French).
For some reason the title parabellum has stuck in my head, asides sounding very similar to cerebellum which ranks highly on my list of favourite words (I am infact that weird), it absolutely is a ridiculously fitting and cool word to depict the movie. The word is borrowed from the famous 4th century Roman military phrase “SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM” which translates to “If you want peace, Prepare for war”, I know right? Just how much cool could one word possess.

John wick 3 is your best bet if you desire to have your brains blown away, It is devastatingly exciting and is pure entertainment from the first second to the last. I am quite sure we fans cannot wait to see what new theatrical method “babayaga” has in store for his targets, and if you’re yet to see the movie I totally recommend you do so quickly. Who knows? Parabellum just might become your favorite word.

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