The Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations (FAMSA) in conjunction with the International Pharmaceutical Students Association (IPSF) and the Association of Veterinary Medical Students (AVMS) have launched a heavy social media campaign in line with the annual Antibiotic resistance awareness week.

Launching the campaign on Monday, November 12; these organisations have taken to various social media platform to sensitise the general populace about the dangers of misuse of antibiotics.

Speaking with the Administrator of the FAMSA Headquarters Board in Ibadan, Mr.Chinedu Nwaduru, he highlighted that dangers of continuous misuse of antibiotics especially in Africa.

“We face a huge problem today as healthcare professionals, with the continuous abuse of antibiotics. The truth is, not everything requires antibiotics as a cure. The more we do, the more we empower these dangerous microorganisms to fight back. We need to learn to use these drugs judiciously if we hope to win this war against antimicrobial resistance. We have launched these campaign across the campus and Africa to bring this to the attention of the public – to quit the abuse of Antibiotics!

Going further, he said the campaign will last the entire week, focused on correcting the wrong ideas about antibiotics anf calling on all healthcare professionals and students to join in the fight.

Here are some of the campaign materials

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