ABH Chairman Vows to Light up G Block


-By Kene Okwunze, ABH Press

In a landmark address to the newly constituted Maintenance Committee of Alexander Brown Hall, the committee head and chairman of the Alexander Brown Hall, Mr Folajomi Isa, laid down the objectives of his administration and explained how he aimed to achieve them.
More interesting than the entire address however, was his reaffirmation of his intentions to “light up” the most populated residential block in the hall, G-Block. While noting that the dark corridors and staircases of G-Block have become a travelers’ nightmare in the evenings, he did not make haste to point out that some people were to blame.
Without mincing words, Mr Isa cearly stated that “G-Blockites are notorious for removing the light bulbs on their floor”. Isa’s comment may be as that of Buhari agreeing and calling Nigerians fantastically corrupt in a 2016 interview, it is however imperative to not miss the entire context of his words. From the missing corridor lights in G-Block to the broken taps at the entrance of F-Block and even unto the fallen clothing lines adjacent to E-Block, Brownites have been found culpable.d responsible and understand that community building is a collective responsibility of the individuals within.
With the wave of renovation and innovations that are transcending limits sweeping through the hall, Mr Isa wants Brownites to understand that community building is a collective responsibilityand all hands must be on deck to ensure that progress is made.

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