It seems like just two weeks after celebrating New Year, without so much as a breather, the lovers and vendors of the world began gearing up for how best to say those three little words come Valentine’s Day. It was everywhere, from in-person conversations with your friends and senior colleagues to every social media platform worth its salt. Although the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day is an admirable one, it goes without saying that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. For some, the idea Valentine’s Day inspires eye-rolling and heavy sighing. For some, it is a reminder of what they have yet to find.

Unfortunately, eye-rolling and snide comments are not enough to get anyone through a full 24 hours dedicated to cringe-worthy sappiness. Trust me, I have tried. Fear not however. As always, I have come to the rescue of all single and/or anti-Valentine people this season with tested and trusted suggestions on how to make this day bearable and fun.

Disclaimer: If you have a heart of gold, these suggestions are not for you.


Even as a kid, I could never quite get behind the idea of wearing red on Valentine’s. It comes off as a little too much, in my opinion. On a day dedicated to love, my advice is this; make a clear statement with your outfit. Go decked out head-to-toe in clothes that make you feel warm inside, metaphorically of course or go entirely sombre in black (if anyone asks you why you’re all dressed in black, tell them you’re mourning St. Valentine’s.) Dress only exactly how you feel and will the day to go.


Few things say love quite like self-care. Everyone is receiving gifts from those who love them and so should you. Take advantage of the myriad of deals and price slashes. Treat yourself to something frivolous and completely unnecessary. Self-love is never wrong and nothing uplifts the spirit as instantly as unwrapping gifts and unboxing orders.


It is Valentine’s Day. The perfect day to watch a horror movie. Yes, you read that right. All you need to distract you from the frills and flowers that are a signature of that day is a healthy dose of fear. However, if that is not your cup of tea, between the British, American and Korean movie industries, you are bound to find something that engages you, be that a slasher, a rom-com or a historical series. Start your research now for your next movie marathon. Be sure to stock up on your favourite movie night snacks.


Politely put, your amusement comes first. Get your closest single/Valentine-hating friend(s) together for a night in, with wine, your preferred snacks and all the data you need to be a social media troll. Set the tone and go to town cooing or trolling, amusing yourselves and passing judgement on every known and unknown person brave enough to share their Valentine’s experience on social media. You can make a game of it to see which of you is the biggest of trolls.

Hopefully, these suggestions make the 14th of February bearable and amusing for you. Next year, do try not to be single if you fall under that category. However, if you are simply a Valentine’s Day hater, you are always welcome for more advice.

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