Who would have thought that this fiery furnace,
burning higher and higher,
with heat unresolving,
would later become ashes?

Who would have thought that this rush of adrenaline,
driving to the peak,
pushing to do more,
would dissipate?

Who would have known that those piercing eyes,
looking into souls,
burning into the thickest skins,
would now go blind?

Who knew that this strength,
overcoming all hurdles,
bringing even the mightiest to their knees,
would become weakness?

Who would have thought that this dashing beauty,
mesmerizing everyone,
turning heads,
would fade away?

Who knew?
That the furnace shall die,
That the sugar rush would dwindle,
That the eyes will see no more,
That strength would become weakness,
That beauty would fade away.

But we shall now know,
nothing, not one thing,
stays forever.

  1. Philip says

    You should actually win a noble prize for this. No caps

  2. Philip says


  3. Oyindamola Odukogbe says

    Thank you

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