September flew by incredibly fast, it barely registered for a lot of us. Two weeks felt like less than 24 hours, not that we are complaining. Better too fast than too slow.  However as we step into October, I hope we have more time to enjoy the intriguing works lined up for release this month as well as the ones we missed last month. Here are five truly promising ones for your watchlist:

  • Rosaline

We have all at one point or the other suspected that let’s-get-married-even-though-we’ve-known-each-less-than-a-week Romeo had to have been a serial womanizer. The movie Rosaline satisfies that curiosity. It tells the story of Romeo, Juliet and Romeo’s ex who, going by the trailer, is far more interesting than I’ll-drink-fake-poison-without-informing-Romeo-first Juliet.

Release date – 14th, October

  • Entergalactic

Entergalactic portrays an artist, a photographer and what promises to be a beautiful love story set against the backdrop of Manhattan. The main attraction, at least for me, is curiosity about how this particular style of animation plays out in a principally romantic plot as well as the musical score to which Kid Cudi contributed.

  • The Law Cafe

It tells the story of a woman who quits her limelight job of taking on large corporations as a pro bono David-versus-Goliath attorney to open up a cafe that serves only coffee and legal advice, no snacks. Alongside is her landlord,  an old friend who is willing to do anything to kick her and her coffee business out of his building.

  • Black Adam

I am aware there is a nearly kneejerk reflex to be skeptical about any and every superhero movie but Black Adam features Dwayne Johnson and Viola Davies. They are two people who have almost never not delivered. They deserve the benefit of the doubt, at the very least.

Release date – 21st, October

  • Prey For The Devil

It is the month of Halloween and by virtue of that, this list will not be complete without a horror recommendation. The top tier of my horror list is occupied by Yoruba movies about witches, especially ones who disguise themselves as beggars only to steal your soul away at night to feast on. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with those in recent times but Prey For The Devil seems like it might live up to expectation. It tells the story of a nun who may or may not have been chosen by the devil and the friendship she forms with a cute little very much possessed child.

Release date – 28th, October

Be sure to add these to your watch list for this month, and if you happen to have any horror recommendations that come close to that of Yoruba movies, drop them in the comments section so I can try them out. Have a lovely month ahead!

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