The America’s Got Talent’s Star, singer and songwriter, Jane Marczewski, popularly known as Nightbirde, has died at 31 after battling breast cancer for about 5 years. The pop artist was born in Zanesville Ohio in December, 1990 and has 3 siblings: Mitchell Jr, Andrew and Katelyn Marczewski. She attended Liberty University in Virginia, USA where she studied Communications.

She started writing music at the age of 6 where she completed the lyrics of a song for her mother. While in the university, she performed live for the first time as a singer in 2011 and later released “Lines” in 2012. In 2015, she got married to Jeremy Claudio.

In 2017, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer which she fought and was later declared cancer free in July 2018. However, on December 31,2019, New Year’s Eve, the cancer recurred. She was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and was told she had 4-6 months to live. On an Instagram post, she said “I got news that innumerable tumors in my liver, lymph nodes, some in my lungs and spine. If the tumors are cancer, the odds are pretty bad for me”. Despite the slim chance of surviving, as a woman of strong faith, she battled the illness with a positive attitude.

Continuing with her music career, she released “Girl in a bubble” in 2019 which was her first song under the stage name, Nightbirde. In an Instagram post about what inspired Nightbirde, she said she got the inspiration from a dream.

In 2020, Jeremy ended their marriage and she moved to California while still battling cancer. She released “It’s OK” this same year which she later performed when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent, season 16 in 2021. Her story, song and voice earned her a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell.She later pulled out of the competition due to her declining health.

Instagram post about her divorce.

Apart from her beautiful voice, Nightbirde was known for her strong faith in God. She inspired a lot of people with her positive attitude and hope towards her illness. One popular quote of hers that stuck with many is “you can’t wait till life is not hard anymore before you are happy”. She had a significant tattoo (seven dots) on her right forearm in reference to the Bible. In an interview, she said “there’s a verse in the Bible that says a righteous person falls seven times and gets back up again”. She lived with this hope till her last day. May her soul Rest In Peace.

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