Over the past month, the outgoing information minister, Miss Esther Subuloye, has been at the center of a swirl of controversy once again. This time, Miss Subuloye had been accused of lying in her account of stewardship, a very serious offence, worthy of investigation and due punishment.

In her account of stewardship, the outgoing Information Minister claimed to have purchased a new mobile public address system for the hall. This claim was not received very well by some members of the hall as the said PA system had not been seen or used in the hall. However, Miss Subuloye claimed to have purchased the PA system on the morning of her account of stewardship, explaining why it had not yet been sighted.
To clear the air and get to the truth of the matter, ABH press reached out to the former Information Minister, with no success. However, the outgoing Hall Chairperson, Mr Salami David, was able to confirm to our correspondent that Miss Subuloye had purchased the PA system as at the morning of her account of stewardship. He said, “The speaker has been purchased and it is currently in her room. We don’t want to move it to the Secretariat as we currently allow people read there. So I understand that it has not been accessible but we need to ensure that it’s in good shape.” As events begin to kick off within the Hall again, we believe that Brownites should soon  see the PA system procured by the outgoing Information Minister.

Miss Subuloye has been the subject of numerous scandals since she assumed office last year. Her bid for re-election was met with firm opposition from many Brownites who expressed their dissatisfaction with her service verbally and at the polls. When reached for comment, Miss Subuloye would not speak to the Press.

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