Its halftime already.

? *FIFA World Cup*
⚽ *??NGA vs ARG??*

Possession *37% – 63%*
Shots on goal *0 – 3*
Saves *2 – 1*
Corner kicks *1 – 0*
Offsides *0 – 2*
Fouls *8 – 8*
Yellow cards *1 -0*

Red cards *0 – 0*

The question on the lips of Brownites, “Is the referee biased? Is he not seeing the fouls committed by the Argentinians?”

“If the match continues this way, we may most likely not win”, a Brownite said to ABH PRESS.

“… the referee is obviously biased. People don’t just fall down and hold their head for nothing”, another commented in an outrage.

Emotions are high. The anger is palpable!

Brownites, and Nigerians as a whole are waiting for a comeback in the second half.

Hopefully, Cuneyt will do better now in the second half.

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