As advocates of healthy living, it is quite surprising that Brownites do not participate in fitness activities when organized in the hall. This has been the usual trend for a while before the break but seeing the ‘weight gain’ and sedentary lifestyle that came with the lockdown one would think Brownites will take every opportunity to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But unfortunately, the apathy to physical fitness continues.

ABH fit returned to the hall on Saturday, 25th September after the long break and in an urge to get maximum participation from Brownites, the Alexander Brown Hall Executive Council collaborated with the student associations in the hall. With the publicity put into the event and the efforts of the Publicity Minister to get Brownites out of their comfy beds, one would expect a massive turnout but this was the other way round.

The ABH fit started with the jogging exercise led by the Sports Minister with just seven participants. The jogging route was Circular Road within the hospital premises, which is barely 2km in distance. That was the perfect warmup for the other exercises lined up for the morning. Just after the jogging, the fun part of ABH fit, the aerobics, was set in motion.

The aerobics session had a few other people join taking the number of participants from seven to about twelve. This is quite small and not encouraging considering Alexander Brown Hall houses about 600 students. One may argue that not everyone loves to work out but taking out a few hours on one Saturday in the month to exercise would not kill and should not be a big deal. Well, probably Saturdays are the only days available for Brownites to sleep off the stress of the week.

The aerobics session started with stretches then moved on to lower body exercises which included bodyweight squats and lunges. The session was however cut short as the source of music malfunctioned and there was no replacement available. What’s aerobics without music?!

The ABH fit obviously did not go as planned but then the little time spent working out was enough to quicken tired muscles, burn some fat and work the heart. Hopefully, the turnout by Brownites will increase in future sessions.

Here are pictures from the fitness exercise:

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