For about 5 weeks now, blue therapy has undoubtedly been one of the most talked about series across social media. The therapy show is a 6-episode series created by Trend Centrl after successfully creating the talk series, BkChat LDN in 2017. The show runs through the therapy sessions of two couples; Chioma and Paul, and Deborah and Jamel talking to the therapist, Denise, about the challenges facing their relationships. These challenges range from trust and sexual compatibility to love languages and compromise.

The Therapist, Denise
The Therapist, Denise

Chioma is seen as a woman who is neglected by her partner and enduring the relationship while trying to make it work. This is understood because she brought her partner, Paul, to therapy. Paul, on the other hand, is perceived as a narcissist, who talks a lot about his “high-net worth” clients, how he always tries to please them and how he thinks Chioma should cater for him and his family, being his sister and her kids. Chioma expresses herself clearly and complains Paul does a lot of things at her expense.

Although, Chioma remains very expressive and vocal about her issues with Paul, he still does not seem to see things from her point of view. Paul also has his own complaints about Chioma. He talked about him being a fitness instructor and how he expects his girlfriend to calculate the calories she takes in. He also has a problem with Nigerian dishes and music because he claims they are in the UK and they should behave like it. Chioma does not understand why Paul wants to denounce the Nigerian culture totally despite both of them being Nigerian.

Chioma and Paul
Chioma and Paul

On the flip side, Deborah and Jamel’s issues center majorly around trust and love languages. Deborah has a high affinity for luxurious things that Jamel might not be able to constantly afford. She complains that Jamel knows her love languages, being expensive gifts and quality time, and he still does not give her that. She also complains about Jamel spending too much time on social media and enjoying a lot of “female attention“. Jamel thinks Deborah just overreacts and is too demanding and controlling.

However, there is a twist as it turns out Jamel cheated on Deborah with his ex who he trains in the gym. This got things heated in the last episode as Deborah was just finding out about him cheating and did not take it well.

Deborah and Jamel

Paul seems to be the most infuriating character of the show and has received a backlash on social media. A lot of people do not understand why Chioma is still in a relationship with him and well, who can blame them? The therapy show has got some people asking questions like is the show scripted? Are the couples real? This is also stemming from the fact that Chioma was also in BkChat LDN which was created by Trend Centrl too.

Well, after some research, Andy Amadi, who is the brains behind both blue therapy and BkChat LDN, spoke to and admitted that the cast of the show are not actors except Denise, the therapist. He also said that despite the couples being real, a reality show is still always controlled to an extent.

However, I think that regardless of if the show is scripted or not, the issues are valid and real. These are issues young people go through in relationships. We all probably know people that are similar to the characters. All in all, the show is very entertaining and I think every young person or couple should see it. I totally recommend.

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