The Hall Assembly has reconstituted the Electoral Commission sequel to the resignation of most of its members including the Chairperson, Secretary and Ex-officio— the immediate past Chairperson of the Electoral Commission who the constitution mandates to be a member of the electoral commission. This was at the virtual emergency meeting which held on Thursday, 5th May, 2022.

Five out of eight members of the Electoral Commission including Mr Azeez, Miss Ogundepo and Mr Aworanti who were the Chairperson, Secretary and Ex-officio respectively, tendered their resignation letters, following all that transpired at the last emergency meeting of the Hall Assembly— the several accusations made against the commission; the annulment of the commission’s new set of election regulations; the demand for a letter of apology to Brownites and the requisition for the members of the commission to get back to the Assembly as to whether they would like to continue as a commission. The Hall Assembly therefore had to replace those who had resigned from the commission at the emergency meeting.

The new Chairperson of the commission is Miss Ibukun Onietan, former Aspirant for the office of Health and Sanitation Minister; and the Secretary, Miss Caroline Nwamadiegesi. The commission is to get back to the house within 48 hours on the schedule of the whole electioneering process which includes screening of unscreened candidates, Press Night, Manifesto Night and the Elections.

However, for the commission to stand, the ex-officio, Mr Paul Aworanti, has to either withdraw his resignation and be included in the commission or maintain it and be deemed not to have served as the immediate past Chairperson of the Electoral Commission. In a conversation with ABH Press, Mr Aworanti stated that he was yet to decide on whether he would return to the commission or not.

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