“LET HIM CUM ON YOUR FACE” – Brownites Express Their Opinions


In recent times, the Female Affairs Ministry of Alexander Brown Hall has been on the lips of many Brownites as a result of the articles released on the Ministry’s blog page. The latest of these articles, “How to Please a Man”, was released on Monday this week, as a follow-up to an earlier article; “How to Please a Woman Sexually”, which was released in November. The release of “How to Please a Man” caused an uproar among Brownites on social media due to its sexually explicit content which explained, in details, methods by which females can please their male partners in the art of lovemaking.

A few Brownites were asked to express their opinions about the article, and here are what they have to say:

“I’m not against it. Anything they put up, I read. There are people that are not okay with it and there are people that are okay with it. At least, these are things that people read even without Female Affairs uploading it. So I am not against it.”
-Alabi Bidemi, BDS 2016.

“I think it’s a good article. I think if anybody is bothered about it, they should not have read it in the first instance.”
-Anonymous [Male], Physiotherapy 500L

“It was an interesting read for me. Some people felt it was too sensitive but I felt it is a “female affair” and it is part of their duties as Female Affairs Ministry. So I think it was a good article.”
-Ibrahim Gladys, MBBS 2019

“I did not see the article”
-Fasilat, BMLS 500L

“I think it’s cool. It’s not like the usual so I love it. Although, for conservatives among Brownites, they could be like ‘why would you post such a thing?’ But I think it’s a wonderful article.”
-Obeya Mark, MBBS 2018

“This is a university, so if someone is a writer and chooses to write something like that, it’s not a big deal. Most people here watch porn and it was actually more educative than porn. However, this is 21st Century, so everyone’s mind is dirty.”
– Anonymous

“I did not see the article”
-Faithful, BMLS 400L

“I saw the link but I didn’t go through the article because it sounded like something I wouldn’t want to spend my time on. I did not read it because I was not interested in its contents.”
-Muili Ademola, MBBS 2017

“At first, I didn’t have any opinions about it. However, when I saw people making comments about it, that they should take it down, I realized that it was unpleasant for some people. Well, since this is a hall of residence, I feel if they want to post something like that they should let people know that this article is “Rated 21” so those that do not want to see it will not open it. Because as much as some people don’t want to see it, there are people that want to see it.”
-Anonymous [Female], Physiotherapy 400L

“I think it’s okay. Some people find it controversial, but for me, it’s okay. The only part I find cranky is the part that talks about ABH walls being thin. Apart from that, I feel it’s okay.”
-Olufemi Olayinka Joshua, BMLS 500L

“Actually, I didn’t read it. I intend to read it later. Whenever I see things that are interesting, I usually star them to read them later.”
-Jummai Sadiku, MBBS 2017

“How to Please a Man” can be gotten from this URL: https://femaleaffairsblog.wordpress.com/2019/12/30/how-to-please-a-man/
“How to Please a Woman Sexually” can be gotten from this URL: https://femaleaffairsblog.wordpress.com/2019/11/24/how-to-please-a-woman-sexually/

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