JAW WAR 2023: Clincal Science To Face Dentistry


The press conference heralding the 8th edition of the eagerly awaited Jaw War began with an opening address by Mr Adebayo Abdulrahman, the Vice President of The Literary and Debate Society, University of Ibadan (TLDS, UI), at 5:46 pm. He welcomed all attendees and acknowledged the special guests in attendance. The President of The Literary and Debate Society, Miss Neyen Williams then gave an official statement. She revealed that the reason Jaw War did not hold this year was because of the lengthy industrial strike action undertaken by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). Notwithstanding, she hopes to sustain the pre-existing standard and quality of contests in the upcoming Jaw War 2023.

Follwing that, she disclosed the theme for the upcoming Jaw War; Disruptive Conversations: The African State in Perspective. She explained that the theme emphasizes the need to examine the state and relevance of Africa and Nigeria, in particular. “We would reflect on the current state of the continent by debating over 30 topics cutting across various sectors and proferring solid solutions that would continue to shape the nation as globally relevant,” she stated. She further revealed the dates for the various stages of the competition. They are:



First Leg – 20th March, 2023

Second Leg – 23rd March, 2023



22nd March, 2023




30th March, 2023



29th March, 2023




7th April, 2023



7th April, 2023



21st April, 2023

The final round is slated to encompass the University of Ibadan Inter-Hall and Inter-Faculty finals as well as the National competition and awards ceremony.

The press conference proceeded with the Editor-in-Chief of the Union of Campus Journalists, Mr Oluwatobi Odeyinka coordinating the drawing of lots for the various stages and categories of contests that will be held over the course of Jaw War 2023. For the Inter-Hall category, the first contender will be speaking for the respective first topics while the second will argue against, and vice versa for the second leg. On the other hand, with just one leg in the preliminary round for the Inter-Faculty category, the first contenders will speak for while the second will speak against their respective topics. For the preliminary round, the lots are as follows:


1. Queen Idia Hall vs. Independence Hall

First Leg: Should Sport Organizations Ban Countries Based on Sociopolitical Issues?

Second Leg: Cancel Culture: An Important Tool Or a Dangerous Weapon?


2. Alexander Brown Hall vs. Ransome Kuti Hall

First leg – Should Network Neutrality be Legalized?

Second leg – The Use of AI in the Job Recruitment Process: A Positive Development?


3. Nnamdi Azikwe Hall vs. Queen Elizabeth Hall

First Leg – Corporal Punishment Should be Banned Among School-Aged Children.

Second Leg – Online Piracy in Developing Countries: Justified?


4. Lord Tedder Hall vs. Obafemi Awolowo Hall

First Leg – Key To Universal Healthcare in Nigeria: Health Insurance or Health Personnel?

Second Leg – Beauty Pageants: Empowerment or Objectification?


5. Mellanby Hall vs. Sultan Bello Hall

First Leg – Should Nigeria Favour a Value-Based HealthCare Model?

Second Leg – Social Media as a Source of information: A Superior Alternative to Traditional Media?



1. Faculty of Agriculture vs. Faculty of Education

Topic – Traditional Marriage Systems is not Compatible with Modern Day Society.


2. Faculty of Technology vs. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Topic – University Education Should be Free


3. Faculty of Clinical Sciences vs. Faculty of Dentistry

Topic – Should Social Media Be Regulated In Nigeria?


4. Faculty of Science vs. Faculty of Arts

Topic – Is the 2022 CBN Currency Redesign Justifiable Or Not?


5. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine vs. Faculty of Environmental Design and Management

Topic – Subliminal Manipulation: Justifiable?


6. Faculty of Economics vs. Faculty of Public Health

Topic – Should Gender Identity be Determined at Birth?


7. Faculty of Pharmacy vs. Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources

Topic – Private Right to Bear Arms: Solution to Nigeria’s Security Challenges? 


8. Faculty of Law vs. Faculty of Social Sciences

Topic – Is Standardised Testing Doing More Harm Than Good?


In the quarter final, the winners from the various matches in the preliminary round will go on to face the winners from the match following theirs in the previously highlighted order. In this round, the former will argue for while the latter will speak against the respective topics. For example, the winner of the debate between Queen Idia Hall and Independence Hall will face the winner of the debate between Alexander Brown Hall (ABH) and Kuti Hall, with the winner from the former speaking for the topic, while the winner from the latter will speak against the topic. This modus operandi will be followed in the semi final as well. The topics slated for these rounds are as follows:


Inter-Hall Category

1. Regional Security Outfits: Solution to Nigeria’s Security Problems?

2. Should Africa Ignore the West’s Call for a Transition to Renewable Energy?

3. Should Adults be Legally Required to Take Vaccines?

Inter-Faculty Category

1. Incurring Debts for Nigeria’s Development: Ill-advised?

2. Should HealthCare be Considered a Right in the 21st Century?

3. ASUU Strike Actions: An Effective Tool for Driving Home Demands?

4. Should the Government Provide Employment for Convicted Criminals?


Inter-Hall Category

1. Artificial Intelligence is Doing More Harm Than Good?

2. Price Control in Nigeria: A Futile Venture?

Inter-Faculty Category

1. Digital Universities in Nigeria: A Doomed Adventure?

2. Should Nigerian Government Tax Religious Institutions?


The pairings have brought about a round of mixed feelings and disbelief as it seems no one really considered the possibility of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences having to face the Faculty of Dentistry so early in the competition. For some, despite the announcement, the idea still feels largely unreal. Come March 2023, we will find out who triumphs. However, regardless of how it plays out, I believe it will be a bitter-sweet experience for both contenders. In the last edition, Alexander Brown Hall made it to the finals. This edition, we hope they fair even better and clinch the title.

The topics for the final round are to be released at a later date. The Jaw War 2023 Press Conference finally came to an end with a closing remark by the President of The Literary and Debate Society, University of Ibadan.

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