As the Opening Ceremony for the Jawwar 2018, the largest debate competition in the University of Ibadan, kicks off today – here are the predictions from the gods

_”The Die is cast…The spell is woven, The prophecy is given, no mortal shall break it!”- Denarius (Heirloom)_

_”When the gods speak;you either believe their utterances, or you don’t.. If you believe, they’re real, if you don’t, they’ll be real soon”- Sophocles_

As the direct kinsman to the Seven gods of Wits and Words, after spending Seven Days and enduring Seven nights on the mountain of insight, I Temmy Gista, son of Aeschylus, was given a clear sight through the crystal ball that predicts the future, and I went into a trance where the things that will be were revealed to my very naked eyes as if they already were.

Therefore, I have a message from the gods on what to expect from Jaw War 2018, and I beseech you, thou who readeth these things, take heed of these words and the message and keep this scroll within thy reach, lest thou become one of those pitiful victims who doubt prophecy and call the gods fake.

*Fact:* 23 Constituencies will contest again at this year’s event.

*Verdict of the gods:*

1. *No Female Hall in the Finals:*

This was made very clear to me that unlike last year, there shall be no female hall at the finals. The gods have echoed it, that though the ladies will try and push hard, just when the occasion is critical, they shall be found wanting. Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Idia & Obafemi Awolowo Halls should dare the prophecy of the gods.

2. *Underdogs:*

The gods say that another underdog shall scale through the ranks yet again this year and have a good run till the Cup is in sight, then their luck will eventually run out…. Thus, the underdogs (Arts, B.M.S, Mellanby, Zik, Agric, Science, Education ) should not be written off totally, for one of them shall hold the keys to unlock the gates of their own destiny.

3. *Pretenders:*

The gods have separated the Pretenders from the title Contenders and they unfortunately refuse to smile on Bello Hall yet again, for the crystal isn’t transparent on their matter, and though their path to the trophy looks easy, they may just be their own nemesis again when the coast seems clear. The same goes for Technology and Public Health, the two finalists from last year.

4. *Contenders:*

The gods have blown the air of favour on the Faculty of Law this year and have named them genuine contenders for the trophy.. If they gather steam and sustain it, they may finally kiss the Cup. Let their opponents beware and do all they can to swing prophecy. The gods also say that Lord Tedder Hall has a consistency that may see them go all the way this year.

5. *Jokers:*

The gods say that every year, a few Halls & Faculties always come to mark register, faculties of Social Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Education, Indy, Awo and Idia Halls will definitely come but may leave very early if they do not work hard.

6. *The Curse of the Faculties:*

Once again, the gods echoed it softly that the tradition of the defending Faculty to crash out early will continue again, Public Health should take heed of this prophecy.

7. *No New Winner:*

The gods say that a former champion will lay claim to both trophies again this year. For the Halls contest, anyone of Tedder, Kuti & ABH Halls shall lift the trophy.

Same for Faculties of Arts, Clinical Sciences & Public Health are the favourites of the gods to win. _(Knowest thou dear reader, that this prophecy can only be overran by Prophecy no. 4.)_

8. *Surprises:*

There would be significant surprises this year, and a few upsets in between, as some battles will be surprisingly lost by giants.

_Let those who stand, not grow faint and lose strength, lest they fall._

*It Is I, Temmy Gista, Son Of Aeschylus, Bearer Of The Message Of The Seven Gods, Who Heard These Words And Filled My Pen With Ink To Put Them To Paper. Let Him Who Has Ears, Listen, Let Those Whose Eyes View This, Witness Me!!*

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