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It has been a few days since Nigerian artiste, Naira Marley (Afeez Eniola) released a new single titled “Soapy”. This comes weeks after he was released by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), after being detained for about a month.

The song which has a fast tempo and a catchy beat has all the features to make it a “party jam”, however, it is the dance step that has sparked controversy all over the internet.

The artiste has also received a lot of criticism from Nigerians who feel all he does is promote social vices, like internet fraud and glorify immorality of many forms in his songs.

The pre – hook goes thus:
“Inside Life, loti ri 5 Alive Inside life, loti ri Deeper life Inside life, awon kan je iya Awon nkan chop life”

This goes in line with the musician saying his song addresses a myriad of topics including his time behind bars, as the last two lines above signify the irony of life. The English translation meaning that while some people are suffering, some others are enjoying life.

The singer shared a video tutorial on his verified Instagram page in which he was spotted busting moves to his brand – new song, one of such moves however was suggested by viewers to hilariously represent a person pleasuring himself. This was backed up by the hook of the song:

“Jo soapy (Soapy) kiri kiri njo soapy (kiri kiri njo soapy); Jo soapy (Soapy) Ikoyi prison njo soapy; Jo soapy (Soapy) Ninu cell efcc won njo soapy; Jo soapy (Soapy) to ba ni iyawo nle ko jo soapy; soapy (Soapy) brother yi njo soapy; Jo soapy (Soapy) abi eyin na soapy; Jo soapy (Soapy) Single father njo soapy; Jo soapy (Soapy) malo lo OMO to ba lon soapy; (Soapy)”

All the people referred to above are males with no access to female company. This, together with the dance step not depicted in this article, reinforces that he was singing about the act of masturbation.

The verse 2 of the song also exhibited the artiste’s innate desire to succeed in life as that would make his mother exceedingly joyous and proud of him.

“I just want make mama proud they want to make mama cry Mama you gonna cry no more teba sukun gan oma esukun ayo”

In spite of all the controversy surrounding his songs, Naira Marley continues to have a huge following, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. He also has some dedicated fans who refer to themselves as “Marlians”. The video of his hit song “Am I A Yahoo Boy” has already raked over 3.5 million views on youtube. The link:


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