illegal-red-square-stamp-isolated-on-white-background-stock-illustrations_csp23423153In the early hours of today, Brownites were awoken with a worrisome news from a concerned “Whatsapp” status , alerting us to a possible illegal trade between the Hall Cleaners and the food vendors. This seemingly thriving business involved the sale of “used plastic spoons” picked by the cleaners from trash cans, and then re-sold back to the food vendors which are then attached to food-packs upon sale.

Interestingly, while the ABH Press advocates for the three R’s of environmental safety in terms of waste disposal (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), it definitely should be done the right way, sterilized and all. Methods involving washing the spoons with soap and water after spending a couple of days in the trash can is certainly not hygienic to say the least.

The Social and Buttery Ministry, ably led by Mr. Tobi TundeAlao released a notice in response to this.

Here is what he said via Whatsapp:

“Special message to ?rownites❗

The Social and Buttery Ministry got reports that the Hall cleaners were selling used spoons back to the cafeterias.

The Ministry investigated this, and found out that the cleaners were using the spoons for their domestic purposes especially to set firewood.

The cleaners have been instructed not to pick spoons from the waste bins again❌. Henceforth, any ?rownite that sees ?such act should contact the Social and Buttery Minister on 07068775503?.

The Ministry will appreciate more keen observations from the ?rownites. Together we can maintain quality.”

He further went on to share pictures of the spoons used by the food vendors to serve the hall.

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It seems Alexander Brown Hall is heading towards an era of vibrancy and proactiveness especially in the Social and Buttery Ministry.

Time will indeed tell!

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