Dental Students are More Likely To Have Mental Health Challenges Than Medical Students


It has been found out that students of the faculty of Dentistry are more likely to have mental health challenges than their counterparts in the department of Medicine and Surgery.

This was revealed in a study presented at the first day of the College’s iResearch conference by Mr. Chibuike Nwachukwu of the 2019 graduating class of Medicine and Surgery. It revealed that they are up to two times more at risk than their counterparts.

The cross-sectional which cut across medical and dental students of the University of Ibadan showed a significantly higher risk in the dental students. While the direct reasons have not been demonstrated, higher financial burden and probable disinterestedness in the course have been cited as possible causes.

Chibuike Nwachukwu

Reacting, the Deputy Provost and Dentist, Professor Denloye added that relationship crises have also been identified to be a cause of this challenges as she went on to mention instances. She cited that many dental students who initially wanted to study medicine never really accept the course and just opt-in anyways. She went on to state that the college now has a counseling unit in a bid to curb the ever-rising menace of mental health challenges.
It was also found out that students born into polygamous families were 4 times more likely to have mental health challenges than those born into monogamous families. Preclinical students were also found to have significant incidence than the Clinical students.
The research was carried out by members of the graduating class of Medicine and Surgery and had a sample size of over 600 students

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