Life was all smiles and sunshine till early last year when face masks became an essential of daily living, like food, man needs it to survive.

The coronavirus which was the hallmark of last year, causing an unprecedented lockdown, with a speed of spread as that of wildfire and subsequent consequences on health, economy, and much more worldwide is still making the rounds and one thing is certain, it is unpredictable yet equally dangerous.

During the last week, the hall has experienced some changes in its operations; certain functions have been cancelled while others have been restricted, the TV and reading rooms were not spared,  visitations have been disallowed and certain rules are being enforced.
This has been due to the suspected cases of Coronavirus in the hall, as great care must be taken to ensure the safety of all Brownites.

More and more, Brownites are subtly agitated, with everyone asking the same questions;
Would we be asked to vacate the hall again?
Are we safe?
Are we going to switch to virtual learning again?

Our fear is not unfounded, this is a virus that has taken the lives of many including some of our own, it is neither a respecter of office, gender not status and while we all hope for the best, maintaining all covid-19 guidelines is a step in the right direction.

Prevention, they say, is always better than cure. Brownites, this is the time to MASK UP and stay safe. Always wear a face mask and maintain social distancing, never forget to make use of a sanitizer at regular intervals.

In a not too distant future from now, we hope that wearing a mask would be a choice but for now, it is a necessity and must be treated as such.

Stay Safe, Brownites.

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